Saturday, May 19, 2007

M150 Probe Station from Cascade

Cascade Microtech is bringing to market the M150 Measurement Platform that for the first time brings high-performance
and precision electrical measurement for any type of 150mm device on a single platform. The M150 is a revolutionary
configurable design that serves as an entry-level measurement system for research and development of a wide variety of high-speed devices. This is the first product of its kind that is completely modular and affordable while maintaining Cascade Microtech’s legendary precision measurement capability.
The M150 Measurement Platform maintains the system accuracy necessary for measurements of high-speed wafers at 150mm and below, as well as packages, boards and biological materials. Unlike standard wafer probers, the M150’s user-interchangeable parts include custom device under test (DUT) holders that can be easily changed and optimized for a wide variety of applications including:
• 150mm wafers for compound semiconductors
• Packaged chips and multi-chip modules
• Shards of large format silicon wafers
• Motherboards
MEMS devices
• Investigation of biostructures and applications including lab-on-a-chip

The M150 is not just revolutionary in its configurability. With this introduction Cascade Microtech has created an easier way to buy systems that were previously complex measurement tools requiring days to configure in order to purchase. The customer can buy two ways—buy a pre-configured application-specific system or configure his own system with an online system-builder or configurator. Further, Cascade Microtech provides system accessories designed to support each application. These include application-optimized probes, cables, precision positioners and other accessories. All the user has to do is determine their application need and select the appropriate measurement system and accessories. When the customer’s measurement needs evolve they can select a new accessory kit, and, if necessary, the appropriate
measurement system modules and they are up and running. Unlike the purchasing process of the past, the need to go through a separate purchasing, bidding and budget authorization cycle is eliminated.

M150 can be configured and reconfigured

The M150 Measurement Platform is customer configurable with interchangeable standard parts and accessories optimized for specific
measurement needs. Its unmatched versatility can save customers tens of thousands of dollars on the purchase of separate measurement stations. The M150 helps customers solve device problems such as those related to power consumption, operating frequency, signal isolation, signal integrity and channel bandwidth.

The M150 Measurement Platform is designed for customers who are:
• Working in semiconductor fabs, yield departments, failure analysis, process engineering and device modeling;
• Working on process characterization of III-V compound semiconductors such as gallium arsenide, silicon germanium, and indium phosphide for RF, microwave and millimeter wave applications;
• Working with signal integrity issues on PCBs and high-speed interconnects;
• Working with emerging technologies to accurately position, navigate and view their analysis for applications such as lab-on-a-chip, microfluidics, organic transistors, polytec neurons, MEMS devices and other biostructures; and
• University labs around the world doing R&D on semiconductor devices and processors.

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